Bar Crusher

The Bar Crusher Difference

Bar Crusher boats deliver a super-smooth ride – a far cry from the uncomfortable, pounding ride of traditional aluminium boats – and superior stability at rest…

Most people who have been for a ride in an aluminium boat on a windy, choppy, day have been disappointed with the hard ride. The reason for this is many of the ‘pressed sheet’ tinnie-style boats and many other plate aluminium fishing boats have been built with a relatively shallow deadrise (or V) at the transom, often as little as 10 degrees. In other words, viewed from the rear these boats appear to have a fairly flat bottom.

Bar Crusher boats, in contrast, are built using between 18 to 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom (depending on the model). This deeper V allows the boat to cut through wind chop providing a genuinely soft ride, while the innovative Quickflow® water ballast system delivers exceptional stability at rest. (We’re happy to prove it to you in rough conditions!)

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