The Bar Crusher 585HT has the presence of a much bigger boat in an easy-to-tow package. Bring all weather, hard top protection to those looking for a serious offshore fishing machine in a complete package, the 585HT is ideal for bay and inshore fishing. Measuring 5.85m LOA with a 2.15m beam, and constructed from heavy duty, high tensile 4mm bottom sides and 3mm top sides marine grade aluminium, it incorporates all of Bar Crushers exclusive features. High tech, Waveslicer non pounding, deev-V hull, super strong Ridgedeck sub floor system with fully welded checkerplate floor and Quickflow water ballast technology for superior stability at rest. The Quickflow system incorporates a cavity running the full length of the keel that quickly fills with water when the boat is stationary, which then lowers the chines in to the water for greater stability and drains in seconds as the boat moves forward to allow it to leap effortlessly onto the plane. The 585HT's toughened safety glass windscreen and all weather hard top allows full standing room and an unobstructed 360 degree view from the helm. This boat is the perfect tuna troller, bottom bouncing shelf-dweller or equally as comfortable up one of Tasmanias deep west coast rivers like the Gordon, Pieman and Arthur.


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